About Us

Who We Are

Bass Egg is a growing company whose goal is to broaden the way people experience sound. We are a small group of individuals passionate about music, technology and creativity.

What We Believe

Here at Bass Egg, we have a deep appreciation for music. Our product offers audio as a transformative experience, and through the Bass Egg the listener is able to experience music in a unique way.  We believe music plays a significant role in all of our lives.

History of the Company

Bass Egg was started in 2012 with a mission of bringing surface resonation technology to market in a simple, yet powerful and effective package.  Having accomplished this, we have continued to establish our reach throughout all 50 US states and six continents.
We have embraced our mission, and are beginning to expand to a broader goal of using our technology to bring sound to everyone, including those who could not experience it until now.