You can't fight physics

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, portability is paramount. Consumers want to

enjoy their music no matter where they are. It is therefore no surprise that the portable

speaker market has exploded in recent years.

But, traditional portable speakers are plagued by one fatal flaw: small speaker cones.

Anyone who has used a traditional portable speaker has experienced the result: small,

narrow sound that lacks lower-midrange and bass. Traditional portable speakers and their

small speaker cones simply cannot move enough air to produce a full range of acoustic


The Bass Egg, as an alternative portable audio solution, allows the user to choose his or

her own “speaker cone.” This object could be a desk at the office, a surfboard at the

beach, a dining table at home, a car hood at a tailgate…you name it. The result?

A much larger “speaker cone” with satisfying, full-range audio.