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Unbox Therapy

“It’s definitely going to blow some minds. They’re going to be surprised, I guarantee it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sound reproduced in something that size with that much bass.”

– Lewis Hilsenteger (Founder and host of Unbox Therapy)

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USA Today

“It's truly magical...It's a dream come true!'ll need to budget for several hours of time that you'll run around your house putting it on every surface imaginable before you realize that yes, it really does turn your entire house into a massive speaker system.”

– Jennifer Jolly (Emmy award-winning consumer tech journalist for USA Today)

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The View

“And it just, it’s fantastic. You know, we play everything on this. It’s the most wonderful thing ever. And the bigger the object is, the bigger the sound is. It’s fantastic…You can put it on wood, you can put it on metal, you can put it almost anywhere.”

– Whoopi Goldberg (Host on The View)

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Busted Wallet

“The spectrum of audio that the Bass Egg is capable of producing is EPIC. And I don’t use that word loosely, but when attempting to describe the acoustics that the Bass Egg delivers it’s hard to think of a better descriptor. Ok, I’ll indulge you: booming, immersive, crisp and deep. Yes, all of that and more to be honest.”

– Josh Herder (Resident testing and review specialist for Busted Wallet)

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Entrepreneur Magazine

“The palm-size Bass Egg sends vibrations into everyday objects to turn them into robust speakers; the bigger the object, the bigger the sound.”

– Melinda Newman (Freelance writer for Rolling Stone, Billboard, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and LA Times)

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Better Homes & Gardens

“Featured on the 2015 Christmas Gift Guide”

– Sarah Martens (Digital Food Editor for Better Homes & Gardens)

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The Doctors

“This thing’ is pretty cool! …So this is a portable audio device that actually transforms any object you put it on into basically a bass machine!”

– Travis Lane Stork (Emergency Physician and Host for The Doctors)

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“The hot new tech gadget, the Bass Egg, is a bluetooth speaker and it turns any surface into an amplifier.”

– Maria Menounos (Actress, Journalist, and Host for Extra)

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Community Involvement

We are currently working with several organizations focusing on educating and providing technological advancements to deaf and hard of hearing individuals worldwide. If you are interested in getting involved with us in this capacity, please email