User Manual

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What devices is it compatible with?

Smartphones, computers, tablets, MP3 Players, Smart TV's, or any device with Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm headphone port.


How loud is it?

The volume output varies based on the composition of the resonating.  The size, shape, and the density are all contributing factors.  On many surfaces, the Bass Egg can reach over 100 decibels.


What surface produces the best sound?

Everyone hears things differently, so it is difficult to provide a definite answer to this question. However, here are a couple tips on what to look for when finding the best place for your Bass Egg: It is important that the portion of the object’s surface that the Bass Egg is applied to is both clean and flat. Wood, glass, drywall, fiberglass, metal and plastic are ideal conductors of sound. If you can knock on a surface and get a clear ‘knock’ sound back, then you are good to go!


What is the battery life?

5 – 10 hours depending on the playback volume.


Is it wireless?

Yes, the Bass Egg plays wirelessly via Bluetooth.


How do I connect to the Bass Egg?

The Bass Egg can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or by using the line-in mode. To pair with the Bass Egg via Bluetooth, move the power switch all the way to the left to "BT". Select ‘BASS EGG’ from the available Bluetooth connections on your Bluetooth enabled device. To use the Bass Egg in line-in mode, move the switch all the way to the right to "ON". Line-in mode requires a wired connection via the mini-USB to 3.5mm headphone cable provided in packaging.


What kind of range does the device have while using Bluetooth?

The Bass Egg will stream a clean Bluetooth signal for up to 30ft if there is a clear line of sight. If there are obstacles such as walls or doors between your Bluetooth enabled device and the Bass Egg, the range may decrease.


How do I charge the Bass Egg?

The Bass Egg comes with a mini-USB to USB cable that allows you to charge it in any USB port or wall adapter.


How long does it take to charge?

It takes approximately 90 minutes for a full charge.


How is the Bass Egg different from a traditional speaker?

Unlike a traditional speaker the Bass Egg has no speaker cone. Instead of a speaker cone, there is a powerful, rapidly-vibrating foot that can be used to resonate all sorts of objects, small or large. The Bass Egg effectively allows you to turn EVERYTHING into a speaker!


Why is the Bass Egg superior to a traditional portable speaker?

Because you are not limited by the tiny speaker cones found in traditional portable speakers, you are able to achieve much larger, more full-range sound from a small portable device. With the Bass Egg, the larger the surface the larger the sound. Further, traditional speakers project sound in one direction. The Bass Egg provides a 360° experience with omnidirectional sound.

What surfaces won't the Bass Egg work with?

Surfaces that are either too dense or too soft do not make for good conductors. Objects that are very thick may also not work well. Concrete, Stone and Asphalt are examples of surfaces that are too dense for the Bass Egg to perform optimally. “Dense” surfaces should not be confused with “hard” surfaces. Example: A tree trunk would be a very solid and dense surface that would not produce quality sound, but a hardwood desk will most likely sound amazing. If a surface is too thick, it may not work well either since the Bass Egg can only put out a certain maximum amount of vibrating power. Surfaces that are too soft such as Carpet, Sand, Cloth or will not work well.


Is there a warranty?

Though the Bass Egg is durable and well-built, all consumer electronic devices can become defective. Bass Egg offers a one-year warranty on its products, so long as they aren’t abused beyond the realm of “normal” use. To take advantage of this warranty, you must be able to provide a receipt or other form of proof of purchase and the product must have been purchased within the last year. If you suspect that your Bass Egg is not working properly, please email us at customersupport@bassegg.com.


Is there a return policy?

If a customer would like to return his or her Bass Egg, he or she may do so for a full refund as long as the return is initiated within 30-days of the original purchase and the Bass Egg was purchased through BassEgg.com. The customer must be able to provide a receipt, or other form of proof of purchase, in order to be eligible for a full refund. A product may be returned for a refund only if it is in original condition.
To initiate a return, the customer should email customersupport@bassegg.com to receive a RMA (return merchandise authorization) form. Once the form is completed, the customer will print it out and send it in with their return. We kindly ask that the customer mail to Bass Egg via UPS or Fedex, as USPS has difficulty delivering to our location. Once the product is received and verified to be in original condition, Bass Egg will issue the customer a full refund.

Does it work with a TV?

Yes, it is compatible with “Smart TVs” which allow you to connect via Bluetooth or that have 3.5mm audio jack.

Do I need to keep the bottom clean?

Yes, it is important to keep the “foot” on the bottom of the Bass Egg clean. If the foot is dirty, the Bass Egg may not adhere well to the surface you apply it to. This can cause the Bass Egg to vibrate out of place and/or reduced sound quality. To clean it, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

Where should I place the Bass Egg on a surface?

It is best to place the Bass Egg towards the center of the object you are resonating. The sound waves coming from the Bass Egg are traveling through the surface in every direction. By placing the Bass Egg in the center of the surface, you can efficiently take advantage of the full surface area.